Monday, November 1, 2010

I'm really terrible at this

One month after pledging to write more frequently...

Back off man. The wife is pregnant and I've found my free time vaporized. We've been to several doctor's appointments (the baby, AKA Slothbert, is perfectly healthy and cooking up nicely), Washington D.C., NYC, had a family member die and rebuilt our fence. No time for love, Doctor Jones! I wish I could report the remainder of that idle time went into the Alfa, but alas. Finally, this past weekend, I was able to fire up the welder and get to work on the rust. It's going to be a couple more months, but it does look like I'll be able to repair most of it with scrap panels rather than order brand-spanking new ones form the UK. The kid's not even born yet - I'm not about to sign him/her away for fresh steel just yet. Give me a year or two... jeesh.

I was recently given a smidge of hope, jumping back to the purpose of this blog. I was wearing my old Top Gear "Nurburgring nipple" shirt, standing in line at the HEB, when the checker girl asks me if that was indeed the 'ring. Ummm, yes, and too bad I'm already married. She proceeds to tell me how she learned to drive, LEARNED TO DRIVE - FULL STOP - in a Porsche GT2, and will never ever ever have a car that was not a manual transmission. She seemed college aged. Definitely upper middle class (duh). And an avowed devotee of the clutch pedal/stick configuration.


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